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Adjustable Height Models

Fixed Height Models

Wall Mount Model



Pro 3 Breakaway Rim - Triple Spring

Pro 2 Breakaway Rim - Double Spring

Airtime 350 Fixed Rim

Airtime 310 Fixed Rim


72" x 42" Backboard

60" x 36" Backboard

54" x 36" Backboard

Featuring a true breakaway rim and clear-view backboard.

Bring the basketball arena to your place for a true home court advantage.

Adjustable Height

With easy adjustment from 5.5′ – 10.0′, Airtime Hoops offers in-ground, adjustable basketball goals that can be lowered down to 5.5′ to allow everyone to shoot & play with confidence.

Tempered Glass

Airtime Hoops are equipped with a regulation 1/2″ thick tempered glass basketball backboard on all of the basketball goals from our line up.



Pro-Quality, regulation 1/2″ thick tempered glass backboards

Breakaway Rims

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Top of the line, high end gymnasium quality.


Top quality Airtime Hoops Basketball


Top quality, 100% Premium Combed Cotton for men

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