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Regulation-sized backboard delivers gym-quality performance perfect for 3+ car driveways or dedicated courts.


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Backboard Size 72" x 42"
Glass Thickness 1/2"
Pole Size 8" x 6"
Pole Gauge 7
Gussets 10
Overhang 4'
Adjustable From 5' 6" - 10'
Safety Pin Height 7' 6"
Lift Assist Cylinders 2
Rim Pro 3 Breakaway Rim Triple Spring
Hardware Stainless Steel
Rust Armor Included
Pole/Gusset Padding 2" Thick
Backboard Pad 1" Thick
Weight kg 287
Volume m³ 0.80
No. of Boxes 3

7 reviews for AIRTIME 672

  1. Jo

    Whitford, Auckland
    Location: Private Home

    Totally fantastic!! Money well spent. The boys love it!!

  2. Tai

    Templeton, Christchurch
    Location: Private Home

    Hoops are totally awsum! Kids are using it just about every day, loads of fun.

  3. Allan

    Whitford, Auckland
    Location: Backyard Court

    What can I say. It’s better than I expected!! Love it!! Will sure be playing basketball with my boys whenever I get a chance.

  4. Reuben

    Karaka, Auckland
    Location: Tennis Court

    This is the best decision we could have made purchasing an airtime hoop. The service was great. After three broken free standing hoops we highly recommend this one. Thank you so much.

  5. Josh


    We installed an Airtime 672 and are absolutely loving it. We did a lot of research before making the purchase and came to the view that this was the best in-ground system available here in NZ, both in quality and value for money. That’s been well and truly borne out now that it’s up and in use.

    We installed it ourselves and were able to figure that out without too much trouble, though you’ve got to be willing to do a lot of digging. Ended up getting a truck in to pour concrete – much cheaper and easier than trying to buy and mix bags concrete ourselves. If you have a reasonable amount of handyman nous and a couple of mates to help then you’ll be able to do it yourself, otherwise go with the installation service.

    It’s been up for 6 months and we use it every day. It’s become a bit of a magnet for the kids’ friends and we’ve had their mini ball teams training down here as well. It’s great that our 4 year old can crank it right down and play and then it can also take as much punishment as the big boys want to throw at it.

    Highly recommend this system, well worth the investment. Looks like it will grow up with our family and still be going strong for the grand kids.

  6. Torbay School

    I just wanted to say how happy we are with our new Airtime hoops. Since putting them in they have been in constant use and have the seal of approval from our entire community who use them frequently after school. Our decision to go with a slightly more expensive product with Airtime has been totally justified as they not only look great but they perform well and stand up to heavy use from children and adults alike. The ability to adjust the height of the hoops so easily is wonderful and it is a treat to witness the smile on 7 year old’s faces as they slam dunk for the first time. I would also like to commend you on your personal service and attention to detail, you found solutions to our problems and went the extra mile to ensure the units were installed in a timely manner. All I can say is thumbs up mate, basketball at Torbay School has been the winner.

  7. St. Mary’s School

    Since purchasing the Airtime Hoop the children’s participation in basketball has increased significantly. Our children of all ages are thoroughly enjoying playing with the Hoops. The beauty of these Hoops is that they are structurally strong, easily adjusted to suit smaller and bigger children and easily installed. I would recommend these Hoops to any school wanting to ignite the Basketball passion within their school.

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